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  • 4rabet Review – Is 4rabet Legal in India?

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  • 4rabet Review – Is 4rabet Legal in India?

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  • 22bet Review

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  • Betway India Review

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Football betting in India is trending nowadays. It is essential part of the majority fans of the British football. Sportsbooks are creating more space for bettors but football is still the foundation of any office. In India, football has special place in the choices of the tipsters. In this article, you will learn information about top sportsbooks and their main features of the football betting. The best sites draw attention, so it is better to know some tips and strategies for comfortable playing.

Choose the best website for football betting

As we know, the choice of the sportsbook is relative question due to personal preferences of the bettors. However, there are some certain features, which customers consider before they register in any office. 

Firstly, you have to check, whether all the leagues you prefer to watch and bet on are in the list. Even though bookies may orient on PL, Bundesliga, Seria A, Ligue 1 are definitely out of concurrency, but betting requires knowledge and interest in many leagues and football occasions

As it is said, football is not about big names and labels, but also about statistics and fascinating prediction options. The sportsbooks have to be rich on fair odds and promotions for some big football occasions so they would draw more attention to this action. 

The legal status of the bookmaker office. The legal status of any company is the key aspect of this roster. Even if it has, the richest list of the promotions you get for the billion leagues of the world is does not stand aside with the safety of your money and even your status. Betting and completing transactions operations with illegal partner is dangerous and no football event can help you out here.


4rabet Review – Is 4rabet Legal in India?

4rabet might be a new brand you here and by a mistake. It started is its way to the list of an online football betting sites of India in 2019. Just the steak of the best football fixtures as UCL and dramas in top leagues. 

It provides fair odds and top service and the status requires. For the new customers, 4rabet prepared 200% welcome bonus for the first deposit. It is one the most generous gestures the entertainment market has seen. 


Bet365 Review

bet365 is now the most important sports betting provider worldwide and is one of the largest British companies. bet365 has a gigantic betting range and lucrative betting odds and is an attractive contact point for everyone who likes to put their money into sports betting. There is hardly any doubt that the market leader is serious.

bet365 was founded in 1974 and is one of the traditional sports betting providers. The British betting company has also been active in the online sector since 2001, and with great success. Bet365 has more than 10 million customers worldwide today. This makes the company the market leader in the sports betting industry, even ahead of its competitor bwin. They have bet365 India version and provide ₹4000 Bonus.

In terms of football, they are giants and many sportsbook look up to the service level of this bookmaker.


Bodog Review

Canadian billionaire Calvin Eyre founded the acclaimed online bookmaker Bodog in 2000. The company is headquartered in Antigua. Right now, it is one of the most popular betting companies in India. 


Betway India Review

Betway was launched in 2006 as a classic online bookmaker. Betting customers can therefore rightly expect the makers to focus their energy entirely on what is on offer on the World Wide Web.

From its large company locations in Malta, Guernsey and London, Betway operates sports betting in 17 languages ​​and under the supervision of 8 European regulatory authorities, including those from the UK, Malta and Schleswig-Holstein.

Current Sponsor Partners of Betway

  • Hertha BSC (contract until 2023)
  • Werder Bremen ( contract until 2023 )
  • Fortuna Düsseldorf ( contract until 2021 )
  • West Ham United ( contract until 2025 )
  • Deportivo Alaves ( contract until 2020 )
  • Levante UD ( contract until 2020 )
  • CD Leganes ( contract until 2020 )

They are beasts in the world of football betting.


22bet Review

22BET is a young, aspiring betting provider that opened its doors in 2018 and is operated by TechSolutions Group NV. Since the bookie has not been on the market for too long, many of you have probably not had any 22BET experience of your own.  22bet is not an underdog of this industry and it knows how to get the best result on the certain market. Football betting is the key option for the breakthrough.


10Cric Review

The brand has been active since 2019 and has soon expanded its operations to cover several major European countries, and has now moved to India with an Indian branch. 

10cric is one of the biggest brands in India to set up a betting site, showing how much online gambling has taken place in this country and how well 10cric is doing. 10cric India is focusing exclusively on the Indian market, so bonuses are not available to other countries at this time.

Football betting is especially well equipped and almost every market is thought to be available for more famous matches. You can place bets on possession, first booking, number of shots on target, method of scoring, running of three corners and number of offside. With this collection being good, we also have to tell that there are some extra markets for most of the games offered by 10cric, as these games are not very popular.

Football betting rules

 You cannot be 100% sure. Often, novice players, when choosing a game strategy, look only at the numbers in the line, considering that the favorite team always wins. The coefficient reflects only the general balance of power and the opinion of the bookmaker about the event. Ask any person who has followed a sport for at least a couple of years, and he will tell you many examples when a team, in whose victory no one believed, ended up on the podium at the end of the match.

Favorites. From the previous point it follows that most of the bets made in bookmakers are on favorites, at a very small coefficient (1.1 – 1.4). Favorites often win – you can’t argue, but bet only on them, relying solely on odds, then at the first game in a draw, or a completely bad game, with a change in the favorite during the match, you will incur heavy losses.

For example, you bet a thousand rubles at 1.2, with a win, the profit will come out a little less than two hundred rubles (we deduct the commission for transferring funds), and in the case of a draw, you will lose a thousand. Moreover, just to get to zero in a row will take FIVE successful games. Nevertheless, your “revenge line” may be interrupted, and you will go into an even deeper minus. As a result, people who choose the “favorite’s strategy” lose and stop betting, and we are sure that you have chosen the wrong path. You can bet on favorites by choosing the “correct” outcomes and reasonable odds.

 Express. Any novice player who comes to the office almost always knows the word express – a chain of games, the coefficient of which is multiplied among themselves. Even if one event fails, everything loses. Mathematically, “trains” are beneficial to bookmakers, but they are not an absolute evil for a bettor. Betting on two matches of 1.7 together is not bad. The risk is within the normal range, and the payoff is not bad. However, to understand the moment when you need an express, you need to have experience behind you and the ability to analyze the market. Newbies have neither the first nor the second, so they go to extreme.

Football betting match tips

Choice of office. The longer the bookmaker has been on the market, the more credibility it has. As a rule, serious firms value their reputation and clients. At the same time, it is elementary for some one-day office to hide with client money at a moment. In fact, everything is like choosing a bank. The most reliable bookmaker for Indian speakers is 4rabet, we recommend using it. Loyalty to customers and confidence in the safety of the account – looks more attractive than a slightly higher coefficient of the company life of a year. There are plenty of examples in history when an advertised project suddenly went bankrupt, what to say about startups.

Bet on what you know. You cannot know everything in the world. Choose 1-2, maximum three, most understandable sports. Do not spray effort! Better yet, limit yourself to certain leagues and follow the events taking place in them (team composition, etc.). To bet wisely, you need to know the league tables, who is on the rise, who has a winning streak, and who is the underdog. Patience! Expect favorable situations, not forgetting to constantly study the news about the chosen league (sport). It is useful to watch broadcasts of matches online – it is not easy to fully assess the situation based on news reports, further.

Effective soccer betting strategies

Before starting to place bets on football according to the existing algorithms, the player should get acquainted with the financial betting strategies:

  • Flat
  • Bank interest
  • Fixed income
  • Kelly criterion
  • Catch-up


Most betting theories are based on a fixed amount bet, which does not change with both winning streaks and losing streaks. If the bettor took as a basis a flat of 5% of the initial pot, then under no circumstances should one evade the initial settings?

Bank interest

In strategies based on the financial method, “Percentage of Pot” is based on the rates of a fixed percentage of the current pot to play. For example, a bettor’s bank is 1000 conventional units. For the bet, he chose 10% of the current bank, which is 100 conventional units. If the bank changes up or down, then the rate changes. Let’s say the bank has become 1100 conventional units – the rate will already be 110 units.

Fixed profit

Any strategy of betting on football with a competent approach will be revived by the financial method “Fixed Profit”. Regardless of the odds, the bettor makes a chain of bets, calculating the expected profit from each outcome. In practice, the strategy is bypassed by beginners, while the pros make money. Since the financial method requires stability when playing with a bookmaker.

Kelly criterion

The best tool in the hands of a professional when playing bookmaker. It is the lot of stable bettors to distribute the bet amount based on the mathematical probability of the event passing. Although, many prove the effectiveness of flat, in contrast to the Kelly method. With a reasonable approach, the Kelly method will prove to be an effective weapon against the bookmaker.


Not the best way to play bookmaker games. Although, most strategies are associated with catch-up. The method is similar to Martingale, when you need to increase the amount of the bet on loss. From a financial point of view, catching up in more than three steps is not profitable. In addition, psychologically unstable bettors should refuse to catch up.

Bonuses and Promotions

  • 4rabet – 200% Welcome Bonus
  • Bet365 –  Welcome Offer Up To ₹2,000 In Bet Credits
  • Bodog – Welcome offer 100% 
  • Betway – Welcome Offer 100% Up To ₹8,000
  • 22bet – Welcome Offer 100% Up To ₹10,000 + 22 Bet Points
  • 10cric – 150% up to ₹7,500

What is the best site for football betting? 

4rabet takes the special place in this roster due to its young age but perfect results on the market. Indeed, every sportsbook is the same by the service it provides. No matter what is the name or the marketing company target, brand is decided by the quality of the service and loyalty to the customers. This betting company is one of the best football betting sites in India thanks to the right understanding of the way company should deal on the market. The market fulfills with the sportsbooks, especially nowadays. Most part of them do not even hold a year, 4rtabet passed this barrier, and now, it only does its best. Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Seria. Every top league is up to the service. 


It is legal and cannot be banned in terms of legal status of betting and gambling in any state.

Football betting works as any other one. It has it`s betting options, which we use before or during the match.

Patience and deep knowledge of the game. Football betting requires hard work and a lot of time for the preparation. If you want earn something, you have to sacrifice your time.

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