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  • 4rabet Review – Is 4rabet Legal in India?

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  • 22bet Review

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A betting exchange is a prediction market. This concept was first implemented on the English website in 2000. It enabled person-to-person betting for the first time.

In principle, a betting exchange works like a sports bet between two football fans who are arguing about the result of an upcoming football match. If the two want to bet on their respective tips, a betting exchange takes on the role of trustee. The betting exchange provider usually makes proportionally small deductions on the profits made for the service it provides. Inferior bettors only lose their bets.

In contrast to the odds offered by classic bookmakers, private individuals bet against each other on betting exchanges and specify the odds for which they are willing to accept a bet. A bet is made for the occurrence of a certain event (= back bet) and against it (= lay bet).

Exchanging betting sites are famous due to popular betting site like betfair, 888sport, bitcoin betting sites and other information, which you can find in 4rabet review

Betfair betting exchange

As mentioned in the introduction, Betfair is an online betting exchange and is throughout the internet. The company’s headquarters are in the UK. The company was founded in 1999 by Andrew Black and Edward Wray (two ex-stock traders on the London Stock Exchange) and now employs approximately 1,300 people. Betfair follows a different principle than the well-known online bookmakers such as bwin, bet365, Interwetten and many more. As mentioned above, Betfair is a betting exchange and not a normal bookmaker.

Betfair works like a stock market. Only sports betting is traded here and not shares in companies – but the principle is the same. The offer at Betfair are mainly single bets – however, it has been possible to place combination bets for a long time. These bets are processed through the bookmaker’s license in Malta.

Betfair also has a poker client and other exchange games (these areas will also be briefly discussed in the course of this course).

To get started with Betfair , I would like to briefly summarize the greatest advantages of the betting exchange. This topic will also be dealt with in more detail later.

On banners and other advertisements that can be found on the Internet, it can be read on the Betfair advertisements that Betfair offers the best odds. This is because at Betfair the user bets against another person and therefore there is no bookmaker margin.

To make this clearer, I’ll use an example. At any online bookmaker, in the basketball game between the Atlanta Hawks and the Toronto Raptors, the spread is Atlanta -3.5 and the odds are 1.91. At Toronto + 3.5 the rate is also 1.91. However, the fair rate for this would be 2.00 – since the probability of occurrence is 50% (assuming the spread is selected to be fair). The difference is the bookmaker’s margin. At Betfair there is no margin and this is the reason why the odds are higher there.

However, it is also clear that Betfair has to earn something and therefore five percent of the net profit must be transferred to Betfair. (However, this can also be reduced – but will also be explained later). If you are completely honest, you would have to include this Betfair commission in the “real” odds and then Betfair is often hardly above top odds providers such as bet365 , Tipico or Pinnacle. Betfair Markets Explanation

Now that there is money in the Betfair account, you want to start betting. Here are the key features of the Betfair markets. The minimum bet at Betfair is 2 euros.

The big difference between Betfair and a normal bookmaker is that not only can you bet on the occurrence of a certain event, but you can also bet AGAINST the occurrence of this result. The technical terms for this are “Back” (here you bet that the result will occur) and “Lay” (here you bet that this result will NOT occur).


888sport is part of 888 Holdings plc. from the UK and has an official license from Gibraltar. The provider’s sports betting sector has grown rapidly and is enjoying growing popularity. The company has been listed on the stock exchange since 2005 and is available to users in five languages.

Can shine 888sport but with his good betting offer and the rate boosts , which can be found here regularly. This is certainly one of the reasons why the bookie was able to gain a foothold here in India. Another reason is the depths of the bets. Here the customer is offered numerous options that he would otherwise hardly find. There are numerous exciting offers for fringe sports, with football and tennis naturally also being the focus here.

According to our 888sport experience, the new customer bonus is certainly not the worst. This also applies to the bonus conditions, which can be fulfilled. The promotions that apply to existing customers are also quite attractive and can be seen. The betting exchange is also on the top level. It is in top Indian betting sites. Anyone who takes a closer look at the issue of seriousness will quickly find that the bookmaker is at a high level here. This was to be expected, however, because 888sport has enough 888sport experience in the sector.

Cricket betting exchange

Since a betting exchange does not regulate the market, the betting exchange cannot intervene and generate artificial interest in certain sports. This particularly applies to fringe sports such as cricket or table tennis.

Cricket betting exchange works the same as football betting exchange in the terms of betting options you get for a particular match in IPL or any other competition. 

Global betting exchange

The global betting exchange is an alternative betting option for betting on sports and other global events on the stock market. A betting exchange, unlike a bookmaker’s office, only provides a platform for making a bet; the bet itself is made between the players, and not between the player and the exchange. The exchange itself receives income by taking a commission from the profits of the winning betting participants. Thus, the betting exchange does not risk its money.

Bitcoin betting exchange

Everything you have to know about bitcoin betting exchange:

  • Bitcoin is a completely digital, absolutely anonymous means of payment.
  • The decentralized data storage makes the system very secure .
  • Transactions are quick and easy and involve almost no fees.
  • To use Bitcoin sports betting safely, you should pay attention to certain things , such as entering your exact wallet address.

Bitcoin (BTC) is a pure online currency, more precisely a crypto currency that can hardly be compared with conventional monetary systems. Both large and small bookies have been successfully offering Bitcoin sports betting for years. Bitcoin bookmakers are still a rarity compared to the masses, but the number of online betting providers who have the online currency in their payment portfolio is steadily increasing.


A betting exchange is a prediction market . This concept was first implemented on the English website in 2000. It enabled person-to-person betting for the first time.

Betting exchange works like a sports bet between two football fans who are arguing about the result of an upcoming football match. If the two want to bet on their respective tips, a betting exchange takes on the role of trustee The main source and place for betting exchange.