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Cricket is a team sport with a huge following. This is due primarily to the high popularity of cricket in India, where more than a billion people live, and thanks to Indian fans, according to some sources, cricket is the second most popular sport in the world after football. Matches take place all year round and the betting opportunities are almost endless.

The first information about cricket dates back to the 16th century when the British were already practicing a similar sport using a ball and a flat bat. The expansion of the British Empire into remote regions of the world led to the spread of this discipline in new countries. True, then its development slowed down, and now cricket is not very popular outside the former British colonies.

Cricket betting is a multibillion-dollar business in Asia, Australia and surrounding countries in Britain. The largest markets are high-profile test matches between national teams, as well as T20 games in the Indian Premier League. Roughly 70 percent of cricket bets are made live, and cricket is great for live betting. One of the features of this sport is the slow development of events. That is, already having certain information on hand, the bettor can observe the progress of the match for some time, assess the risks, the likelihood of changes in weather conditions, etc., and only then can he risk his money. This allows you to get some advantage over the bookmakers. Moreover, almost all legal bookmakers offer live cricket match betting to major tournaments.

Live cricket betting sites

Probably every player has come across slow bookmaker sites. It is especially alarming when you have to wait 5-10 seconds for this or that block with rates to open. Well, when the registration of a bet takes forever, then you want to leave the site and never return to it.

When we talk about productive live bets, we, first of all, mean the prompt registration of transactions. In modern realities, the time for registering a bet is limited to 1-2 seconds. This is a kind of standard that many bookmakers comply with, regardless of the degree of legality and licenses received.

Yes, there are busy days when the main bookmaker site is congested. But in such situations, mobile applications come to the rescue. They have basic functionality, but at the same time, they allow you to register transactions in a matter of seconds.

The sites of legal bookmakers are distinguished by high speed in live bets:

  • 4rabet
  • Bet365
  • Betway
  • 22Bet
  • 10cric

On the sites of other bookmakers, the speed of registration of transactions is also quite high, with rare exceptions. We recommend bettors to check the performance and efficiency of each resource and choose the best option. It is important to avoid bookmakers, on whose website the inscription “Bets are temporarily suspended” often appears. This is a clear sign of poor site performance.

Correction of coefficients. Sometimes on the websites of some bookmakers quotes are not updated in a timely manner. That is, the account has changed, but the quotes have not. And when the bettor bets, the system refuses to register the bet. Often the score in the fights does not correspond to the real one. The goal was scored another 30 seconds ago, but the current score on the office’s website has not changed. It is obvious that working with such offices is extremely inconvenient. Today there are many reputable bookmakers with fast live bets and correct display of the account on the site.


4rabet Review – Is 4rabet Legal in India?

One of the leaders among gamblers in online betting in India. This bookmaker gained its fame due to its low odds for many events, in addition to this, the 4rabet bonus policy will not leave anyone indifferent. They provide a wide line not only for cricket but also for other sports. The number of bets in live and pre-match will delight even the most demanding player.


Bet365 Review

Bet365 India is one of the most popular online betting sites in the local market. In general, this platform offers sports betting, gambling and online casinos all over the world. There you can also bet on cricket, the bookmaker also provides live coverage for most tournaments.


Betway India Review

It is a reliable bookmaker, which is very well known in Western Europe for its successful marketing campaigns and sponsorship of sports clubs in football and other sports. The bookmaker itself provides a wide line for both pre-match and live.


22bet Review

This is a little-known bookmaker, which is becoming more and more popular every year. They represent a wide line of all popular sports and of course online cricket betting.


10Cric Review

10Cric is one of the most popular online cricket betting sites in Asia and India itself. 10Cric is a fairly young platform that completely specializes in cricket, but besides this, you can place bets on other sports there.

Cricket betting tips live rate

The main outcome. Bets on the result of the match: W1 – the first team wins, X – a draw, W2 – the second team wins. In test flights, a draw is possible, so the Exodus market contains three options. Only W1 or W2 can be bet on the rest of the matches. Double chance. Such bets are available only for those matches in which you can bet on a draw. Three outcomes are offered here: 1X – the first will not lose, X2 – the second will not lose and 12 – there will be no draw.

Asian handicap. Making a bet on a win taking into account the handicap, which can be positive, negative or zero.

Total. The ability to bet on the number of runs per match. You can also place a bet on the total of a certain segment of the fight, for example, after 10 overs.

Individual total. You should predict the number of runs earned by one of the teams for a specific period of the game, for example, the first 6 overs or the first 10 overs.

Best Batsman. It is necessary to determine the best batsman for a particular team.

Best bowler. Similar to the previous bet, only on the bowler.

Cricket live betting tips

Every little thing can affect the outcome of a cricket match, so before the game, do not miss any information about the teams, lineups, main players, the field and the weather.

Particular attention should be paid to the location of the competition. Teams usually perform much stronger at home than away. The climate and the terrain are of great importance. If, for example, the Pakistani national team travels to visit neighboring India, the fans can expect good results from it, while in England it will be difficult for the team to adapt and show its maximum capabilities.

Live cricket session betting

On-the-go betting is popular among professional bettors and those with a basic knowledge of cricket. The positions in the live line are the same as in the pre-match line. Added only the winners of the next run, bets on odd / even total runs. Ipl live betting is very popular in India, comparable to football betting in Europe, where this sport is still number one.


Live betting is a great opportunity to earn money, all you need is to follow the event and predict its further course.

You need to wait for the start of the event, go to the LIVE tab, select the desired event and place a bet.

  • 4rabet Review – Is 4rabet Legal in India?

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