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  • 4rabet Review – Is 4rabet Legal in India?

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  • 4rabet Review – Is 4rabet Legal in India?

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  • 22bet Review

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  • Betway India Review

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Horse racing is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and exciting sports. They attract fans with their unpredictable plot and lightning-fast results. Everything is developing so fast that it is simply breathtaking. Viewers receive an amazing rush of adrenaline and positive emotions, not to mention those who have placed bets.

Horse racing takes its history back in Ancient Egypt in the 3rd century BC. It all started with chariots, but gradually came to horse racing. Horse racing gained real popularity in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, and even then spectators could put their jewelry and money on the horses. Time moved forward, and since 1789 horse racing has acquired professional status. The most ancient hippodromes that have survived to this day date back to this very year.

With the advent of bookmakers and the development of the Internet, in order to place bets on horse races, you no longer need to leave your home, it is enough to watch live horse races.

So to give you the best horse racing experience, we set out on a mission to find the best Indian horse racing online betting sites in India, where interest in this sport has not diminished for two centuries.


4rabet Review – Is 4rabet Legal in India?

The undisputed leader is 4rabet, one of the youngest among other bookmakers represented here, but has already won the attention and respect of experienced bettors. According to 4rabet users, they like the best odds the company provides. Also here is a truly tempting offer for players who did not bet on 4rabet before, this is a 200% first deposit bonus.

When it comes to horse racing, 4rabet is the best site that you could dream of betting on! As you enter the horse racing section there, it becomes instantly obvious that they have a very large selection of races to bet on and also the ability to bet live! 4rabet is a local provider, so races are represented here from all racetracks in India. Namely Madras, Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mysore and more.


Betway India Review

Betway is probably the easiest site to place bets for beginners thanks to its interface. But there are also disadvantages; these are lower odds than the competitors.

When you enter a bookmaker on Betway, you scroll through the list of available sports and select the races. This position is not the most popular on the site.

The first thing you’ll see is the upcoming race. From the top menu, you can select “Today” to display all the races available today; there you can also find races from the Indian Racecourses. Typically, you will find a complete program of 5 to 15 races per day. A good plus for beginners who have little understanding of racing is that you can view the name of the trainer, jockey, horse’s age and weight, and shape.


Bet365 Review

Bet365 is the most popular and undisputed leader among bookmakers in terms of the number of users in the world. And of course such a giant could not fail to provide an opportunity to bet on horse racing. Unfortunately, Indian horse races are not listed separately in Bet365, which would make it easier for us to find, they are in the International Horse Racing Division. In addition, Bet365 provides live streaming on every single race, both the ones from India as well as the rest of the world, making it easy to find the race you’re looking for.


LeoVegas India Review

Leovegas is a new player for betting fans in India. Initially, this company positions itself as a casino, but there is also an opportunity to place bets here. Since horse racing betting is very popular in India, it would be unforgivable not to have this position. Shown here are all of the world’s most popular racetracks with market average odds.


10Cric Review

10cric is the smallest bookmaker presented in the review. They are aimed at the domestic market of India and Bangladesh and their main specialization is cricket betting, which can even be seen from the name. Apart from that, there are also other particularly popular sports such as football and horse racing. Focusing on the domestic market, all of India’s racetracks are represented here, which is an advantageous differentiator for their fans.


22bet Review

Betting company 22Bet was founded in 2018 in the UK. The office operates under a Curacao license. 22Bet is not yet an official sponsor of sports organizations. To date, the bookmaker has two ambassadors from former football players. Ambassador of Latin America – ex-footballer of Barcelona, ​​Milan and Brazilian national team Ronaldinho. They offer a wide range of bets on various sporting events, including horse racing, despite the fact that the company was founded quite recently. All the great international horse racing around the world are represented here. The only problem is that the competitions from India are not always presented.

Horse racing betting games

Horse racing attracts bettors’ attention due to the speed of events. Unlike the one and a half hour football matches, the duration of the average competition takes about 10 minutes. On top of that, the races are held daily with a minimum interval between them, which allows for different strategies and often bets.

There are several types of races on which bookmakers accept bets. These include:

Flat.The most popular type of horse racing. Horses run on a flat surface. Flat competitions are often in the “handicap” format: this means that some horses have an advantage over their competitors (in terms of weight, shape). Heavy horses are considered to be more resilient: on the race map, the horse with the greatest weight always takes number 1, and then – in descending order;

Jumps with obstacles .The discipline are significantly inferior in popularity to “smooth” races. Races are a distance with numerous obstacles such as fences, ditches or water. An unpredictable type of race, it is difficult to predict;

Endurance.If in the two previous varieties the speed of the horse played the most significant role, then here the main goal is to reach the finish line. The longest race is considered the Mongolian Derby, the distance of which is 1000 kilometers;

Harness Wheelchair racing – extremely rare in bookmaker lines;

Maiden.An interesting type of competition: horses that have not yet managed to win take part in it. They are a kind of test for suitability for a horse: if he wins, he is sent to the top league, and with prolonged succession of defeats, he is considered hopeless.

Horse racing, like any other sport, has a number of characteristics. Before placing a bet, consider the following factors:

  • It is recommended to put on horses without weight problems, since the large mass interferes with gaining speed;
  • If a horse has recently taken part in the race and goes back to the track, the probability of winning it decreases due to fatigue;
  • Pay attention to jockeys: the more experienced he is, the more chances he will win;
  • Analyze previous performances and other statistical information.

Live Horse Betting

Live betting on horse racing is the most popular betting option. It implies the possibility of placing bets in real time during the race. This is a great entertainment option, not only from the emotional side, but also from the financial side, because even an unsuccessful bet at the beginning of the race can be blocked by another bet if it is clear that the horse’s chances are changing.

Making live bets on horse races is much more interesting and no more difficult than pre-match predictions. Many bettors bet on the winner in the prematch and may change their thinking about the winners as the race progresses.

Bookmakers offer real-time broadcasts, and each bettor can watch the progress of the race and the chosen favorites of the race with his own eyes.

Types of bets


The simplest and most popular variety, where you need to guess the horse that crosses the finish line first. In other words, you need to choose a winner. Here there is the opposite option, in which you can choose a horse, the chance of winning which is quite small. Such a bet will win if the selected representative does not come first.

2. “Place”

A simpler alternative to the previous option. Here the horse you have chosen should be in the finishers’ prize pool. The odds for such an event will be comparatively less. By the way, the number of prizes varies depending on the participants: up to 8 horses – 2 prizes, from 8 to 14 – 3 prizes, from 14 – 4 prizes.

3. “Double”

In translation “double” – you need to guess the two horses that will be able to come first in two different races.

4. “Double double”

Double take. The point here is, as in the usual double, in guessing the winners of the races, but in this case you need to guess four.

5. “Exacta”

a bet where you need to indicate exactly which participant will win and which will take second place in the same race.

6. Match bet, head-to-head. Here you are betting that one horse will come ahead of the other, no matter where they finish. The whole jump comes down to a duel – convenient!

It is difficult to successfully bet on horse races without quality analytical work. It is necessary to constantly monitor the current tournaments, take note of talented and experienced trainers, and horses suitable for the chosen strategy of the game:

Trixie on favorites

We choose three races, where there is a clear favorite with a coefficient for his victory in the region of 2.0. From the victories of these three favorites, we draw up express trains: three doubles and one triple. If only two of the three favorites win their pens, then the bettor will be in a small plus. In case of victories of all three favorites, the bettor gets a high profit. In case of defeat of two horses, he loses the entire set amount.

Strategy against the favorite

As in any sport, it is not profitable to place frequent bets on the favorite; this will lead to a big disadvantage at a distance. Therefore, experienced bettors choose “dark horses” at difficult distances, especially in bad weather.

The bet is placed on strong middle peasants with good speed and endurance, who like to “roll” strongly at the end of the distance. We select several such “dark horses”, bookmaker analysts put high quotes on them, and place parallel bets on their victories. If one of the bets is played, the bettor gets a good overall profit.

Often experienced players use one safety net when the favorite in the last race managed to win.


Horse betting is not always luck. If you have been following this sport for a long time, you should understand that a lot of factors affect the victory of this or that horse. By applying knowledge in the right categories, you can make winning bets. Luck is still there, but not as much as in other forms of betting.

During the existence of horse racing, a large number of different strategies have appeared that can increase your chances of winning. Use your analytical skills before the race to be aware of the state of any of the factors that may affect the victory.

Yes, horse racing betting is completely legal in India regardless of the state where the bet will be placed.

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