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  • 4rabet Review – Is 4rabet Legal in India?

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  • Bet365 Review

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  • 22bet Review

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  • 4rabet Review – Is 4rabet Legal in India?

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  • 22bet Review

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Cricket betting is becoming more and more popular in the Indian market. Many Indians are interested in online cricket betting looking for the best betting platform options. Various bookmakers offer special opportunities to attract as many customers as possible. Considering the most important factors, we believe that the best cricket betting sites are those that meet all possible criteria for safety and convenience for Indian users, such as accepting Indian rupees and having great bonus offers. We analyzed the Indian market and identified the resulting metrics, by which we were able to determine the most suitable sportsbooks. Let’s take a look at a list of the best online cricket betting sites in India.

  1. 4rabet
  2. Bet365
  3. Bodog
  4. Betway
  5. 22Bet
  6. Dafabet
  7. 10Cric
  8. LeoVegas
  9. ComeOn
  10. Melbet
  11. Betwinner
  12. Casumo

Next, we will go into details and characteristics of half of this list of the best cricket betting sites. In addition, we will consider cricket match betting and odds, as well as cricket tips and strategies. Let’s not ignore the special bonuses and promotions offered by various platforms with a focus on cricket.


4rabet Review – Is 4rabet Legal in India?

4rabet is one of the most popular platforms in India offering online betting on cricket events. This site is relatively new in the Indian betting market, but 4rabet is actively developing its position. Due to its growth in the market with a focus on what Indian players love, 4rabet is attracting more and more users.

As a result of our 4rabet review, we received an extremely positive opinion of this betting platform. Despite some minor drawbacks such as a small number of certificates and not a very large selection of deposit and withdrawal methods, this site is generally a reliable and attractive bookmaker for Indian players.

4rabet offers a wide variety of sports betting options, especially cricket. With 4rabet you can follow both national competitions in India and international cricket matches. You can also watch live broadcasts of your favorite matches, as well as place bets online on certain outcomes. By the way, the choice of the results themselves is impressive, as are the chances of them, which seem to me to be among the highest on the market. 4rabet understands the passion of Indians for cricket betting and that is why they have developed a comprehensive bookmaker’s collection covering such cricket competitions as:

  • Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • ODIs
  • Cricket World Cup
  • T20 matches
  • Ashes
  • International championships
  • Test Matches and others

As you can see, this platform has a lot of advantages when it comes to cricket betting.  That’s why we can conclude that 4rabet is an excellent bookmaker. The Indian market is in the focus of this company, which should appeal to Indian players and attract them. So, 4rabet is the best betting site in India for cricket fans!


Bet365 Review

Bet365 India is one of the top cricket betting websites in the Indian market. This platform mainly focuses on sports and cricket in particular. For Indian players, Bet365 offers many affordable and convenient options. The site allows betting on a variety of sports, including the company’s products such as Bet365 Sports Betting, Bet365 Live Casino, Bet365 Poker and so on. The application regarding sports betting deals with cricket to the fullest, therefore it is one of the most worthy cricket betting apps in India.

Bet365 covers different cricket events at a decent level. Here you can find many matches of national championships and international competitions that you can bet on. In general, the main cricket markets that Indian players are paying a lot of attention to are:

  • IPL 
  • T20 World Cup
  • Ashes
  • Test Matches
  • Twenty20 Cricket

Bet365 is a betting site licensed in the UK and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, the Government of Gibraltar (Gibraltar Gambling Commission), IBAS (Independent Betting Judicial Service), the Northern Territory Government (AUS) and the Malta Gambling Authority (MLT). Therefore Bet365 India is definitely a safe place to play cricket betting games.


Bodog Review

As a result of our Bodog review, we found out that there are a moderate amount of positive aspects of this site. Some disadvantages, such as the limited number of deposit and withdrawal methods, limited bonus offers for sports bettors, especially cricket, negatively affect the reputation of this site. But it is worth highlighting the positive aspects. Bodog India offers a fairly good selection of sports betting options and a wide range of cricket betting events. This platform has decent site functionality for betting enthusiasts, including live streams of interesting events. Bodog accepts Indian rupees and cryptocurrency, which is great for Indian players.

When it comes to cricket betting, Bodog India is an excellent bookmaker for Indian players. This sportsbook really gives priority to cricket. Cricket bets cover outrights such as Competition Winner and Best Player and many others. Bodog offers to bet on a variety of cricket events including:

  • IPL 
  • T20 World Cup
  • ICC World Cricket Championship
  • The Ashes
  • Test Matches
  • Twenty20 Cricket
  • ODIs

Bodog India offers many opportunities to play outside of cricket in the Indian market with a focus on other sports as well as online casinos. Although with regards to the online casino section, there is a much better platform called LeoVegas India. Bodog India also cares about the security of players at a decent level, with a license and advanced SSL encryption. Customer support is available through email and 24/7 live chat.


Betway India Review

As a result of our Betway review, we received a positive opinion of this site. Despite some minor flaws, such as the unavailability of customer support at certain times, this platform is generally a good bookmaker for Indian players. Betway is great for cricket bettors. This fact is confirmed by the high interest from Indian players, who are also satisfied with the fact that the platform accepts Indian rupees. They also sympathize with the site and its divisions Betway Sports and Betway Cricket.

Betway offers a wide variety of sports betting options, especially cricket. The cricket section is very extensive, but at the same time compact and easy to understand. Betway India covers almost all cricket matches in many tournaments, from small provincial to large international. The convenience of betting is available both on the website and in the Betway mobile app. Overall, the main cricket markets that the platform pays great attention to are:

  • IPL 
  • T20 World Cup
  • Ashes
  • Test Matches
  • Twenty20 Cricket
  • India, West Indies, England, South Africa, New Zealand Tours
  • Women’s T20, ODI and Test Matches
  • ODIs

Betway provides daily coverage of all the leading cricket events, offering a variety of options, making this platform one of the best for Indian players.


22bet Review

22Bet is a betting platform that knows the values ​​of the Indian market by offering good cricket betting options and translating their website into Hindi. In addition, 22Bet accepts Indian rupees as currency. The company places great emphasis on the Indian love of cricket. The number of competitions that users can bet on is really overwhelming.

Fans of cricket betting in India can be very pleased that 22Bet is a very attractive and interesting cricket betting site. This platform covers many major cricket tournaments around the world such as:

  • Indian Premier League
  • Big Bash in Australia
  • South African Momentum One Day Cup.
  • Test series
  • ODIs
  • Twenty20
  • Ashes
  • International matches
  • Cricket World Cup

The options for betting on 22Bet themselves are also surprisingly diverse:

  • match results
  • best players of matches
  • runs
  • wickets
  • overs
  • innings
  • boundaries
  • individual player statistics and so on

But there are also negative aspects with regards to 22Bet. For example, bad reviews and problem reports, slow customer support and a slow website. In addition, not all security settings are publicly available to users. But it is also worth noting that this site is legal for betting in India as it is licensed by Curacao and adheres to basic security elements.


Dafabet Review

We received a rather neutral opinion on Dafabet. As for this platform, there are approximately equal numbers of positive and negative sides. It should be noted that this site is competitive with other betting platforms with due consideration.

Some minor flaws such as limited payment options, software issues and the lack of an iPhone app, two bookmakers, and a US player restriction negatively impact the platform’s reputation. But it is worth highlighting the positive aspects. Dafabet offers a wide variety of sports betting options including cricket and kabaddi, offers many large bonuses and promotions, and is targeting the Asian market, especially the Indian one.

Dafabet is a platform that offers many cricket matches and markets such as:

  • IPL
  • Cricket World Cup
  • Test matches
  • ODIs
  • Twenty20
  • Ashes
  • International matches

So, Dafabet has good online betting opportunities when it comes to cricket betting.

Cricket Match Betting

With regards to cricket match betting, here we will discuss the most popular cricket bets. The cricket betting format is not exactly easy to grasp at first, but it is actually suitable for betting enthusiasts because it offers the opportunity to bet in different markets, relying on luck and fundamental knowledge. The cricket betting line is full of attractive options. Let’s take a look at the most famous cricket bets and explain their essence. All of the listed bet types should be available on online cricket betting sites in India.


Determining which team will win the match is the most obvious. This is the easiest bet in most sports. Cricket is also subject to these trends, but with some adjustments. This is due to the fact that there is a certain probability of a tie in test matches or other cricket games.


The Man of the Match award is given to a deserved cricket player. This is usually the player of the winning team, so the star players or the favorite team are usually more likely to win. However, there are times when the players on the losing side play at the highest level and are rewarded.


Here you need to predict the batsman who will have the most runs in a match for one of the teams. If there are two top players with the same number of runs, then the expected winnings are exactly halved, which is basically a bet equal to half your original bet.


This is a bet on the batsman who will make the most runs in the whole match, regardless of the fact in which particular team he is playing.


It is essentially a bet on the number of wickets taken by a given bowler. If there are two or more bowlers with the same number of wickets selected, the best bowler is the one with the fewest missed rounds. If this does not determine a winner, draw rules apply.


The prediction concerns the batsman who can or not score fifty or one hundred points in the match. Obviously, in test matches and one-day matches, the odds of scoring fifty or one hundred runs are much higher than in Twenty20 matches, where the prestige of the competition weighs heavily on the result.


Only 1st innings counts. At the same time, the rate is similar to the previous one and is usually offered only for test matches that last much longer in time.


Here you need to try to predict the total number of runs scored in the first over. More precisely, this is a bet on the total number of runs in the first over, which will be less or more than a given number.


With regard to this bet, players can choose one of a certain number of options: caught, LBW, Run Out, Stumped and others. The most common one is caught, so it always has the lowest odds.


Players should be aware that the team with the most runs in the first 6 overs wins the bet. Moreover, this market does not take into account whether the winning team will win the whole match or not.


Here, for forecasting, there is a choice which team will score more sixes. As a variation of this market, you can also choose which batsman has the most sixes.


The cricket game starts with a coin toss. You can bet on this by determining the team that wins the draw. This is a bet on luck, it does not require deep knowledge of cricket, whether you are lucky or not.

Cricket Odds

Competitive odds are a key factor to look out for when choosing a good sportsbook. The main thing here is not to fall for the traps of some unscrupulous platforms, which, under the guise of super-profitable offers, hide small odds on cricket events.

In fact, hundreds of markets may be available for the largest competitions and individual cricket matches such as the World Cup Final or the Indian Premier League match. It turns out that World Cup betting and IPL betting are by far the most popular events in the world of cricket. From a large list of bets and odds, it is important to choose those that are clear and reliable. Some are obscure and rarely used, and inexperienced beginner bettors may miss them. But there is a basic set of bets that most cricket betting fans use and it was presented in the previous section.

The main advice on this important issue is to observe the coefficients. If a player wants to be successful and profitable, he will definitely choose a good cricket betting site that will offer comfortable playing conditions, excellent online betting options and the highest odds on the market.

Cricket Betting Tips

To get the most out of the cricket betting process, it is important to find the coolest opportunities while gaining invaluable experience. You need to make your bets in a measured way, using your knowledge of tactics and statistics, not forgetting to pay attention to expert opinions and advice on cricket betting, which will help make your bets more focused on a winning outcome and a positive result. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular cricket betting tips.

Comprehensive analysis of team ratings and player statistics

For the analysis of each cricket match and competition of a select few, it is recommended to use two kinds of information for forecasting to help make optimal betting decisions. These are the leaderboards and statistics of the player and teams, which are usually freely available to players. Usually, all teams are rated based on their total points based on the games played in the championship and unofficial practice games. A seasoned look at the ratings gives you a clear idea of ​​which bets to place and which not.

When relying on ratings, you should pay attention to the fact that there are many factors that can affect the points and ratings of teams. It is important to assess the strength of the teams throughout the match cycle, both home and away. Changes to the playing conditions on the home court and adaptation to others and other options also have a certain value. Players, too, may not play as determined by statistics. Let’s say there is a certain star player who needs to rest before big games, so he may not participate in the game in advance or play half strength, despite his adorable form. A team due to such factors may unexpectedly miss points as a result. The conclusion from these judgments is that it is worth analyzing the ratings and statistics carefully, getting a clearer idea, but do not rely solely on these data.

Weather forecast is an important factor for predicting the outcome of cricket matches

All cricket betting fans are obliged to follow the weather forecast before betting on certain outcomes of cricket matches. Any weather conditions can affect the quality of the game. Overcast weather conditions can accompany team bowling, a sunny day will be beneficial for batsmen, and rain makes the probability of a draw higher. Globally, don’t ignore climate checks in general as well as daily weather forecasts. The timing of the game also matters, because a cricket match can take place both in the afternoon and in the evening. So, the dependence of cricket betting on the weather can be clearly traced, therefore only careful attention to all weather forecasts and climate conditions can help predict the outcome of the game.

Track the condition of the cricket court

The state of the court is one of the main characteristics that can affect the quality of the game. This aspect is highly dependent on concomitant factors such as the influence of weather conditions and proper maintenance of the surface by personnel. Keep in mind that dry courts can help promote bowlers who want to do better. In addition to exploring the surface of the ground, be sure to research previous games that were played on the same field.

Observations during live betting

As with some other sports, watching a cricket match itself can provide a lot of information for online betting. After all, you can trace how a team or a player behaves in certain conditions and instantly catching a moment, make a good bet. For example, confidence is the key to any player’s success during a match. He may lose motivation or, on the contrary, become stronger and more powerful during a successful game.

The need for dimensionality in relation to the budget rates

Each player must know their financial capabilities and set a certain budget limit allocated for betting. Separating personal funds and cricket betting can help you succeed without harming your personal life and financial stability.

Cricket Betting Strategies

Cricket betting strategy is the basis of cricket betting along with tips. Developing a cricket betting strategy is an absolute must for those bettors who are serious about making a profit from the sport. One of the dangers of not having a strategy is the temptation to make risky bets without carefully considering your moves. Improving your cricket betting strategy is possible by limiting your betting range or focusing on home games that are well reported on the net.

Players can use the offseason to explore team history and statistics that are readily available online. This is true for both international and domestic cricket. Numerous websites collect and provide information on teams and top players, including the official websites of each club. Look for evidence of the team’s shape, any weaknesses, historical trends, and instances where certain players are particularly good or bad at certain opponents. By starting the season with detailed knowledge, you can examine the personal details for individual matches in context. This will lead to more reliable betting on matches, as well as the ability to identify players who are ready to become top scorers and top bowlers. Among the criteria that should also be considered before placing bets on a specific match is the condition of the court and field. Cricket blogs, both entertaining and informative, can also be helpful in your research.

Bonuses And Promotions

The aspect of the bookmaker’s bonus offers and promotions is one of the key aspects when choosing a good cricket betting platform. In fact, they should not be the primary characteristic, but we must admit that all players are pleased to benefit from bonuses. All the top sites come out in one way or another with their promotions, attracting new users and retaining experienced players.

Benefits for new users usually start from the moment a new account is opened. Bookmakers often offer first deposit welcome bonuses of 50%, 80% or 100% after registration. Offers of 150% or even 200% are exceptional. For example, 4rabet offers a 200% welcome bonus, so if you deposit 10,000 rupees, you will receive as much as 20,000 rupees as bonus funds!

Other bonus offers will be offered to the sportsbook user over time. They will vary based on various factors. These bonus offers can be daily, weekly, monthly. Also, various bookmakers can offer to participate in tournaments such as, for example, the race for the highest won odds on cricket matches. This is very attractive for sports betting fans, because in this way they compete with each other. In addition to bonuses and tournaments, various sites may also offer to use promotional codes, for example, when joining their social networks. Various promotions can be just as useful as welcome bonuses.

What Is The Best Site For Cricket Betting?

After setting out all the points and examining the situation on the Indian market, we came to a single conclusion. 4rabet is the best option among well-known bookmakers that offer their own conditions for cricket betting. This platform really adheres to all the rules and also provides the convenience for its users with the maximum impact. They meet all the criteria that are highly valued by Indians when choosing the best cricket betting sites.

  • Indians are accepted by the bookmaker without special restrictions on access and in compliance with all the clauses regarding legality
  • The company allows you to quickly make deposits and withdrawals in Indian Rupees through a choice of convenient methods – from credit cards to e-wallets.
  • The site has a huge selection of cricket bets ranging from Indian Premier League (IPL) and Cricket World Cup to Ashes and test matches. The possibilities are especially valuable in the aspect of online cricket betting.
  • The company offers opportunities to watch live broadcasts of major sporting events, especially cricket matches.
  • The reliability of the site, which consists in the availability of licenses, certificates, nominations, recommendations and positive feedback from players, is available in sufficient quantity.
  • 4rabet has many bonuses, promo codes, tournaments and promotions. A welcome bonus with mega-favorable terms is especially valuable and attractive.
  • Professional and helpful customer support is available in any way around the clock.
  • The company has a mobile app (which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Market) with good performance and functionality.


Players from India are not prohibited from placing cricket bets online, but it is better to look into local laws and regulations to be on the safe side.

Cricket betting is an opportunity to place bets on cricket events on specialized sites or mobile applications using Internet technologies and various gadgets with network access.

A wide variety of cricket bets can be divided into several popular rates such as Live Betting, Moneyline Odds, Handicap Betting, Mobile Betting, Futures Betting and Props Bets.

Cricket betting can help capitalize on the benefits of playing proven reliable sites with good bonuses and exceptional odds on cricket events.

  • 4rabet Review – Is 4rabet Legal in India?

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