Best Online IPL Betting Sites In India

  • 4rabet Review – Is 4rabet Legal in India?

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  • 4rabet Review – Is 4rabet Legal in India?

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  • 22bet Review

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Cricket betting is very popular and common among Indian fans of this sport. Many Indians are interested in online cricket betting, especially in the national IPL (Indian Premier League) competition. Therefore, they are looking for the best betting platform in the Indian market to have access to the special possibilities of unlimited betting. Most sportsbook platforms make every effort to attract as many cricket fans as possible. Taking into account the most important factors, we believe that the best IPL betting sites are those that meet all possible criteria of convenience and legality for Indian users, such as accepting Indian rupees and offering the best odds on IPL events, having enough licenses and great bonus offers. We analyzed the Indian market and determined the obtained indicators, by which we were able to determine the most suitable bookmakers. Let’s take a look at the list of the best sites for online IPL betting in India.

  1. 4rabet
  2. Bet365
  3. Bodog
  4. Betway
  5. 22Bet
  6. 10Cric
  7. ComeOn
  8. Dafabet
  9. Melbet
  10. LeoVegas
  11. Funbet
  12. 888Sport

Next, we will go into details and characteristics of half of this list of the best IPL betting sites. In addition, we will consider cricket match betting and IPL rules, as well as IPL cricket betting tips and strategies. Let’s not ignore the special bonuses and promotions offered by various platforms with a focus on IPL.

What Is Indian Premier League?

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the national competition of Indian cricket teams, which was launched by the Cricket Control Council of India (BCCI) in 2008 with the assistance of the renowned Indian administrator Lalit Modi. The idea was based on the Twenty20 (T20) cricket tournament franchise and was an instant success and attention-grabbing at all levels. The competition was able to reach tremendous heights in a short period of time, neutralizing the grind of competitors such as ICL.

The IPL is the most popular and most attended cricket league in the world among national competitions to say the least. The Indian Premier League is profitable and offers top athletes some of the highest salaries. This is the reason why the very best players are eager to play in the IPL. Another highlight of IPL’s success is the IPL brand value in 2019, which was $ 6.8 billion, almost double the 2015 value. These figures show the productivity of the IPL as a mega-profitable cricket tournament comparable to the English Premier League in football or the NBA in basketball.

How To Choose The Best Website For IPL Betting?

The first thing that IPL betting enthusiasts should do is to find a betting site through which they can place their bets with maximum convenience and reliability. There are many sites emerging in India on which to place bets and most of them offer bets on cricket and IPL in particular, given how popular the sport and the national tournament are in India. These platforms must meet all the criteria that Indians value highly when choosing the best cricket betting sites. Let’s take a closer look at them point by point.

  • The site offers a huge selection of cricket bets, especially on Indian Premier League (IPL) events. The opportunities are especially valuable in the aspect of online cricket betting, providing the highest odds on the market.
  • Indians are accepted by the bookmaker without any special restrictions on access and in compliance with all points regarding the legality and issues related to reliability in general.
  • Sportsbook offers the ability to watch live broadcasts of most of the IPL matches, especially the major ones.
  • The company offers many bonuses, promo codes, tournaments and promotions. Especially valuable and attractive are the welcome bonus options with mega-profitable terms and the specialized offers regarding IPL matches.
  • The reliability of the site is confirmed by the availability of licenses, certificates, recommendations and positive feedback from players. They must be available and presented in sufficient quantity for the average player to draw conclusions based on these aspects.
  • Betting resource allows customers to quickly deposit and withdraw funds in Indian rupees using a choice of convenient methods ranging from credit cards to e-wallets and even cryptocurrencies.
  • Sportsbook has a mobile application that can be downloaded from Google Play Market and App Store. The app should have good performance without losing attractive functionality with regard to the convenience of placing bets on IPL.
  • Professional and helpful customer support is available around the clock in various available ways (email, phone number, 24/7 live chat.


4rabet Review – Is 4rabet Legal in India?

4rabet is one of the most popular online cricket betting sites in India. This site is relatively new in the Indian betting market, but 4rabet is actively developing its position. Due to its growth in the market with a focus on what Indian players love, 4rabet is attracting more and more users.

As a result of our 4rabet reviews, we received an extremely positive opinion of this betting platform. 4rabet offers a wide variety of sports betting options, especially cricket and IPL. Everyone can enjoy by watching live broadcasts of your favorite matches, as well as placing bets online on certain outcomes. By the way, the choice of the results themselves is impressive, as are the odds, which seem to me to be among the highest on the market. 4rabet understands the passion of Indians for cricket betting and that is why they have developed a comprehensive sportsbook’s collection covering IPL events.

4rabet Pros:

  • Great 200% welcome bonus
  • Focus on online IPL betting
  • Bet counter and high odds
  • High-level Sportsbook Company App 
  • Safe and fast deposit and withdraw methods with available tutorials
  • Accepts Indian rupees as currency
  • Responsible customer support

4rabet Cons:

  • Few certificates
  • Some problems with live broadcasting
  • Not very large selection of deposit and withdrawal options

As you can see, this platform has a lot of advantages when it comes to IPL betting.  That’s why we can conclude that 4rabet is an excellent bookmaker. The Indian market is in the focus of this company, which should appeal to Indian players and attract them. So, 4rabet is the best betting site in India for IPL fans!


Bet365 Review

Bet365 India is one of the top IPL betting online in India. Bet365 offers many affordable and convenient options for Indian players. Bet365 covers different cricket events at a decent level. Bet365 is rich on sports betting options. This bookmaker orients on every market it can, so Indian tipsters have a lot chances to try their skill on cricket, especially on Indian Premier League. 

As a result of our Bet365 review, we got a good opinion about this site. When it comes to Bet365 India, there are approximately equal number of positive and neutral aspects. It should be noted that this site, with due regard, is competitive one among other betting platforms on Indian market.

Bet365 Pros:

  • Betting excellent reputation in the world
  • Accepts Indian rupees as currency
  • Large selection of cricket bets
  • Good Live betting & Live streaming Options 
  • Protects principles of responsible gaming

Bet365 Cons:

  • No good welcome offer
  • Reports of limiting big winners
  • Not the best odds on IPL events
  • Customer support problems during high traffic times


Bodog Review

As a result of our Bodog review, we found out that there are a moderate amount of positive aspects of this site. Bodog India offers a fairly good selection of sports betting options and a wide range of cricket betting events. This platform has decent site functionality for betting enthusiasts, including live streams of interesting events. The Indian Premier League is very popular with cricket fans. Bodog offer an attractive portfolio for this special competition. If you are a newcomer, you can combine betting on the IPL with their lucrative welcome bonus.

Bodog Pros:

  • Focus on cricket and IPL
  • Indian market orientation
  • Wide range of IPL betting events and options
  • High welcome bonus in casino
  • No limit on withdrawals

Bodog Cons:

  • Limited bonus offers for sports bettors, in particular IPL betting fans
  • Region-block restrictions
  • Limited number of deposit and withdrawal methods


Betway India Review

As a result of our Betway India review, we received a positive opinion of this site. Betway is great for IPL bettors. This fact is confirmed by the high interest from Indian players, who are also satisfied with the fact that the platform accepts Indian rupees. They also sympathize with the site and its divisions Betway Sports and Betway Cricket. The cricket section is very extensive, but at the same time compact and easy to understand. Betway provides daily coverage of all the leading IPL cricket events, offering a variety of options, making this platform one of the most decent for Indian players.

Betway Pros:

  • Wide line for IPL bets
  • Huge number of cricket betting options
  • Top platform for IPL live betting
  • A large number of ways to deposit and withdraw funds
  • Pleasant bonus policy
  • Availability of mobile applications for smartphones and tablets

Betway Cons:

  • Long support response during high traffic times
  • Cutting the maximum rate
  • Limited number of bonus casino offers


22bet Review

22Bet is a betting platform that knows the values ​​of the Indian market by offering good IPL cricket betting options and translating their website into Hindi. In addition, 22Bet accepts Indian rupees as currency. The company places great emphasis on the Indian love of cricket. 22Bet IPL offers players both pre-match markets and long-term predictions such as the winners of the season. It is noteworthy that this resource offers one of the least common markets for real-time betting, Wicket in the Next Over.

22Bet Pros:

  • High odds on IPL events
  • Wide IPL betting line
  • Large number of directions in the line
  • Attractive bonus policy
  • Accepts Indian rupees, website translates to Hindi

22Bet Cons:

  • Cutting the maximum rate
  • Unavailability to place bets all over the world
  • Customer support sometimes takes a long time to respond
  • Lack of mobile applications for smartphones and tablets
  • Not all security options are publicly available to users


10Cric Review

We received a quite good opinion when it comes to 10Cric. Given the well-known fact that Indians love their national sport, namely cricket, 10Cric puts a special focus on the cricket section. 10Cric offers a wide range of IPL betting options such as picking the winner, best man of the match, top batsman, the number of runs earned in any given inning, and so on. Therefore, experienced players with deep knowledge of the world of cricket have an advantage, and beginners can use the available options only to test their skills, gain experience and increase profitability in the future.

The bets on each individual game are varied and have certain specifics. In addition, 10Cric even has a special news section about cricket in general and the IPL separately. Themed sponsorship events and bonus offers are also available.

10Cric Pros:

  • Focus on the Indian market
  • Great welcome bonuses 
  • Perfectly decent IPL cricket betting options
  • News section for IPL and themed specials
  • Exceptional deposit and withdrawal options
  • Accepts Indian Rupees and bitcoins as currency

10Cric Cons:

  • Restrictions for non-Indian players
  • Some problems with live chat customer support
  • Lack of no deposit bonuses

IPL Betting Rules

IPL betting rules are extremely simple and straightforward. First, you need to figure out how to start IPL betting. Here you just need to follow the simple steps.

  1. Select a cricket betting site.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Make your first deposit on sportsbook and receive a welcome bonus.
  4. Explore the site interface and find all the options regarding IPL betting.
  5. Start betting on IPL.

With regards to IPL match betting, here we will discuss the most popular cricket props, bets and odds. The cricket betting format is not exactly easy to grasp at first, but it is actually suitable for betting enthusiasts because it offers the opportunity to bet in different markets, relying on luck and fundamental knowledge. IPL betting line is full of attractive options. 

IPL betting rates make it clear to all cricket players that the wide variety in this aspect is worth their attention. Among the most popular IPL betting rates are the following points.

Futures betting

These are bets on who will win the entire season and who will be the best player in the long run.

Live Betting

These are bets on matches that have already begun with constantly changing odds. Here you can place bets on different scenarios and outcomes, starting with who will win and so on. I am personally convinced that 4rabet is one of the sites with the highest IPL chances in India in the online segment. Plus, it’s nice to place bets and watch live broadcasts along the way.

Moneyline odds

This type of IPL betting involves predicting the winners of matches.

Handicap match

As for this bet, here a certain team or player is given an advantage in a certain equivalent, which must be overcome.

Props Bets

These bets cover points not related to the outcome of the game. Examples of this kind of IPL betting include the following bets: win in coin toss, best man of the match, best team batsman, total runs, etc.

Now let’s take a look at the most famous IPL bets. All of the listed bet types should be available on online cricket betting sites in India.


Competitive odds are also the most important factor when studying the situation around the IPL, along with props and bets. Many players even pay attention to odds first when choosing a good IPL betting platform. IPL betting is the most popular in the world of cricket, so you should be able to highlight clear and reliable results without falling into the traps of some unscrupulous sites that hide small chances of IPL events. Most cricket bettors need to understand this point carefully in order to be successful and profitable, choosing the best conditions for themselves and the highest odds on the market.

IPL Betting Match Tips

IPL match betting tips are of the utmost importance when it comes to getting the most out of the IPL betting process. In this aspect, it is important to find the coolest opportunities, while gaining invaluable experience. You should make your IPL bets wisely, using your knowledge of statistics and tactics, remembering to pay attention to the opinions and advice on cricket betting from reputable experts to help make your bets more oriented towards a winning outcome and a positive result. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular IPL betting tips.

In-depth analysis of team ratings and player statistics

To fully analyze each IPL match, it is recommended that you use two types of prediction information to help you make the best betting decisions. These are the leaderboards and statistics of individual teams and their players. This information is usually available to players for free and in the public domain.

An experienced look at the ratings gives you a clear idea of ​​which bets to place and which not. Based on the ratings, you should pay attention to the fact that there are many factors that can affect the points and ratings of teams. It is important to evaluate the strength of teams throughout the game cycle, both at home and away. It is worth carefully analyzing ratings and statistics to get a clearer picture, but do not rely solely on these data.

Studying of recent IPL champions

Specific factor, isn’t it? Rather, it will be useful to take into account a certain period of time, for example 5 years (2015–2020). Past performance is an important metric to look out for when deciding to place your IPL bets. Team success is motivation, especially for previous winners. Apparently, there is a trend among teams that manage to make it to the finals every year. Closely observing the strongest competitors in the IPL can help you figure out which team is likely to win the next round of the IPL.

Weather forecast factor

All IPL betting lovers are obliged to follow the weather forecast before placing bets on certain outcomes of matches, because any weather conditions can affect the quality of the game. A sunny day will be beneficial to batsmen. Team bowling can be accompanied by cloudy weather and rain increases the likelihood of a draw. Globally, don’t ignore climate checks in general, as well as daily weather forecasts. The region and location are key points in this aspect. Timing is also important because a cricket match can take place during the day or in the evening. Weather forecast and climatic conditions can help predict the outcome of the IPL game, if not globally, but partially so it is accurate.

Cricket ground condition factor

The condition of the court for the IPL match is one of the main characteristics that can affect the quality of the gameplay. This aspect is largely dependent on concomitant factors such as proper maintenance of the surface by personnel and the influence of weather conditions. Keep in mind that dry courts can encourage the development of bowlers who want to do more. In addition to exploring the surface of the earth, be sure to research previous games that were played on the same field.

IPL live betting factor

Watching the IPL match itself can provide a lot of information for online betting. It is easy to define and figure out how a team or player behaves in certain conditions. Thus, you can instantly seize the moment by making the perfect bet. It is important to remember that during a successful game, a team or players can lose confidence and motivation or, conversely, become stronger.

Financial dimension factor

When betting on IPL, each of the players must know their financial capabilities and set a certain budget limit for this entertainment. Dividing your funds and betting on IPLs can help you succeed without compromising unnecessary risks. Do not use personal funds for betting. Betting, especially on IPLs, can be addictive and the last thing you should do is spend all your savings on betting.

Learning IPL odds factor

With a reasonable betting budget, you should do as much research as possible regarding the odds of betting in the game. You need to familiarize yourself with this case when participating in online bets, as these numbers determine not only the probability, but also the profit from a successful bet.

IPL Betting Strategies

Cricket betting strategy is the heart of IPL betting. It is valued as highly as the mentioned tips. Developing an IPL betting strategy is a must for those players who are serious about watching IPL matches and making money from IPL betting. If the player admits the lack of a strategy, then he can take risky steps such as betting without careful thought about his actions or other stupid actions that will lead to collapse.

Betting strategies are selected individually, so you need to approach it responsibly, in turn paying attention to the popular advice of experienced experts in the field of betting. Either way, you can improve your IPL betting strategy by steps such as limiting the betting range or focusing on home teams. Also, for example, you can usefully use the offseason to study the history and statistics, the moments of which are freely available, because there are many sites that collect and provide information about teams and the best players, including the official websites of each IPL club. Cricket and IPL blogs can also serve as informative sources.

Bonuses And Promotions

The bookmaker’s bonus offers and promotions are one of the key aspects that players look to when choosing a good IPL betting platform. All cricket betting fans should of course be satisfied with the benefits of the bonuses. All decent sportsbooks try to attract new users and retain experienced players by offering more and more quality services and tournaments.

Benefits for users of betting platforms start from the moment they register and open a new account. Bookmakers often offer first deposit welcome bonuses of 50%, 75% or 100% after registration. Offers of 150% or even 200% are exceptional and overwhelming at this level. In this regard, it is worth highlighting the company 4rabet, which offers a welcome bonus of 200%, so if you deposit 10,000 rupees, for example, you will get the opportunity to receive 20,000 rupees as bonus funds. And this is a very great option and is considered one of the best on the market.

Other bonus offers are just as valuable as welcome bonuses. They differ in their characteristics and depend on various factors. These bonus offers can be daily, weekly, monthly. In addition, various bookmakers may offer participation in tournaments, such as the race for the highest winning odds in IPL matches. This is very attractive for cricket bettors because it is how they compete with each other and further increase their interest in watching the IPL. In addition, various sites may also offer to use promotional codes to access promotions, for example, when connecting to their social networks, etc.

What Is The Best Site For IPL Betting?

After setting out all the points and examining the situation on the Indian market, we came to a single conclusion. 4rabet is the best option among well-known bookmakers that offer their own conditions for IPL cricket betting. This platform really adheres to all the rules and also provides the convenience for its users with the maximum impact. They meet all the criteria that are highly valued by Indians when choosing the best IPL betting sites.

For example, Indians are accepted by this bookmaker without special restrictions on access and in compliance with all the clauses regarding legality. This site has a huge selection of cricket bets when it comes to Indian Premier League (IPL). This company allows you to quickly make deposits and withdrawals in Indian Rupees through a choice of convenient methods from credit cards to e-wallets. 4rabet has many bonuses, promo codes, tournaments and promotions. A welcome bonus with mega-favorable terms is especially valuable and attractive. Furthermore, professional and helpful customer support is available in any way around the clock.


Players from India are not prohibited from placing IPL bets online, but it is better to look into local laws and regulations to be on the safe side.

IPL betting is an opportunity to place bets on cricket events on specialized sites or mobile applications using Internet technologies and various gadgets with network access.

IPL betting can help capitalize on the benefits of playing proven reliable sites with good bonuses and exceptional odds on IPL cricket events.

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